Welcome! We are Bev and Arnie Eckert, the owners and care givers of Hilltop Pups. Since 2002, we’ve been breeding English, or “Teddy Bear,” Goldendoodles on our estate in Jasper, Indiana. We use our professional knowledge and experience along with the most current research to produce genetically sound puppies with loving personalities and exceptional coats.

We have a remodeled, temperature controlled nursery and 80 acres of land for our pups and dogs to roam. Most of the time, on sunny days, you’ll find our dogs lying under a tree or in their kennel where it’s cool. In the winter, they love to run in the snow and then warm up with their heated water dishes and thick floor mats. We love all of our dogs and feel strongly about them finding loving homes, so have a look around our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions!

We believe that happy, healthy, well-adjusted dogs produce happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies. For that reason, we have traveled the world seeking out the heathiest dogs with the strongest pedigrees for our breeding program. Furthermore, all of our parent dogs have been DNA tested for breed-specific diseases and tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for the health of their hips, elbows, patellae (kneecaps), hearts, and eyes. You can view our parent dogs’ health certifications on the “Meet the Parents” subpages.

In addition to our emphasis on physical health, we breed for temperament as well. We ensure that all of our parent dogs have desirable personalities so that they breed wonderful family pets, but our work on influencing temperament does not stop there! In their first few weeks of life, our puppies undergo Early Neurological Stimulation, a practice which enhances intelligence, trust, and obedience. We also expertly socialize our puppies with adults, children, and other pets. Learn more about these practices in our “FAQ.”

We take great pride in producing such healthy Goldendoodles, for it is our role, as breeders, to reduce the prevalence and severity of genetic diseases in the breed. While we know it is not possible to produce perfectly healthy dogs, we do stand behind our breeding program by offering a comprehensive 2 year health warranty. Warranty is extended to four years if providing puppy/dog with NuVet Vitamins.

Qualifying genetic defects for reimbursement include those related to the hips, heart, elbows, and eyes, as well as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD). Puppies are also guaranteed against fatal viruses for 72 hours from the time of purchase. Additionally, in the rare case of death by genetic issue, puppies under 2 years of age will be replaced. Our warranty can be reviewed on our “Warranty” page.

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